Abs Press With Resistance Bands

Abs Exercises With Clip Exercise Bands are simply superior for abs training. To truly work your abs you must work them from different angles. Bodylastics Exercise Bands enable you can do that with laser precision. Check out the exercises below:



Resisted Abs Crunch

Description: Resisted Abs Crunch with exercise bands is a game changer because it ads a greater challenge to the exercise. Gravity is a suitable source of resistance as you are starting out, however, as you get stronger you will need to challenge your muscles further. Elastic resistance does this incredibly well.

Area Targeted: Middle Abs




Accordion Crunches

Description: Accordion crunches with bands is a perfect modification for beginners, because the bands make this difficult exercise a bit easier. Regular accordion crunches are difficult because you have to move your upper and lower body at the same time into a balanced (crunched) position. The bands anchor your legs, which helps with balancing.

Area Targeted: Middle Abs, Hip Flexor




Alternating V-Ups

Description: Alternating V-Ups is a super effective exercise for working your Rectus Abdominus (Middle Abs) and Transverse Abdominus (Side Abs). This exercise becomes even more effective when it is performed with resistance from clip exercise bands. By attaching the bands to your feet you will create a stronger base for your lower body, and engage the hip flexor muscles.

Area Targeted: Middle Abs, Some Side Abs & Hip Flexor




Assisted Sit-Ups

Description: Assisted situps with bands are an amazing exercise if you are not strong enough to do many situps with proper form, or fatigued but want to do more reps. The bands work so well because they gently assist you, pulling you back up to your upright, starting position.

Area Targeted: Middle Abs, Some Side Abs & Hip Flexor




Get Ups

Description: Get Ups are a super tough Abs exercise that require you to sit up straight from a lying position, while keeping your legs stationary on the floor. For those strong individuals who have mastered this exercise and need more of a challenge elastic exercise bands are the solution. They will add resistance to the exercise placing more tension at the optimal point.

Area Targeted: Middle Abs




High Low Chops

Description: Hi-Low chops with clip bands is a super effective exercise for working the middle and side abs. Elastic bands are so well suited for this exercise for several reasons: They can be anchored and used at any height, they create super smooth resistance without momentum and they increase in tension as they are stretched (elongated).

Area Targeted: Side and Middle Abs




Kneeling Abs Crunch 1

Description: Kneeling Abs Crunch With Clip Exercise Bands (facing the Door) is an amazing exercise for working and building the abs muscles right down the center of your body. Since resistance bands do not create momentum, you will be forced to control every rep. The best way to work your muscles is against their function. This exercise does exactly that for the abs.

Area Targeted: Middle Abs




Kneeling Abs Crunch 2

Description: Kneeling Abs Crunch with exercise bands (Facing Away from the Door) is another great exercise for working the Rectus Abdominus (Your 8-Pack). Your abs are responsible for bending your body against tension. This exercise recreates that with super smooth tension that actually increases in difficulty towards the end of the movement. This one rocks!

Area Targeted: Middle Abs




Low-High Chops

Description: Low-High Chops with bands work the Transverse Abdominus (side abs). This exercise is excellent for creating twisting strength, which can help with sports or even every day tasks. Bands are actually superior for this type of exercise because they do not create momentum, so you can do your reps safely and quickly for better muscle stimulation.

Area Targeted: Side Abs




Lying Oblique Crunch

Description: Lying Side Oblique Crunch with clip bands is an excellent exercise for working and strengthening the Oblique Muscles (The side Abs Muscles). By incorporating resistance in the exercise, you stabilize the lower body, which can help with range of motion and thus improve results. In addition you will incorporate additional muscles like the Hip Flexors.

Area Targeted: Side Abs, Hip Flexors




Oblique Side Bend

Description: If you are looking to strengthen and tighten your Obliques (Side Abs), you will love Oblique Side Bend(s) with Exercise Bands. The obliques bend your body from side to side. You can now work the muscle against its function with super smooth, progressive resistance. Bands do not create momentum, so less injuries - more results.

Area Targeted: Side Abs




Push Throughs

Description: Push Throughs with exercise bands will help you work your eight pack and get that incredible burn in your abs. This exercise is basically a version of a crunch with added resistance. Forget doing crunches with just body weight. The only way to force your abs to change and develop is by exposing them to new stresses. Expose them to super smooth resistance!

Area Targeted: Middle Abs




Bicycle Abs Crunches

Description: Bicycle Crunches are an amazing exercise for working your Transverse (Side) and Rectus Abdominus (Middle) Abs. Take this exercise to another level and add a whole new dynamic with the addition of elastic exercise bands. The elastic resistance will help anchor your lower body and add a challenge to your hip flexors as well.

Area Targeted: Side/Middle Abs & Hip Flexor




Standing Abs Twist

Description: Standing Abs twist with clip bands is superior to the same exercise performed with other types of resistance. Bands do not create momentum, so you can do faster reps without the fear of muscle damage. Standing abs twist targets the Transverse Abdominus (side abs), which respond really well to fast and explosive reps. Let's do this!

Area Targeted: Side Abs




Standing Abs Crunch

Description: Standing Abs Crunch with bands is anything but an ordinary abs exercise. Bands have a huge advantage over other forms of resistance because you can place them at any angle (in this case above you). This exercise takes a while to master but when you do, Oh baby! You will work your rectus abdominus (8-pack) to the max!

Area Targeted: Middle Abs